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Cold Fusion for Reason

Cold Fusion for Reason

Product Information
Sounds And Effects' Cold Fusion is intended to bite through a mix in any modern music production. It uses the Reason Combinator 2.0 to combine sampling via NNXT and wavetables via Europa to create dynamic new sounds where various changes to the sounds come about via velocity or mod wheel, as a Europe wavetable based preset may use velocity envelopes, or filters etc, to fade to an NNXT preset, or the other way around. It offers endless and easy experimentation for the user by loading the NNXT or Europa presets up as pairs in the Combi, and by loading any of the samples into the Europa User Waveform slot.

The samples / wavetables themselves are edited and modified from digital, or sources like modified ARPs, Moogs, 808 -- both simple waveforms and highly complex. 200 megs / 179 samples organized in categories like bass, drums, leads, meta edge, simple waveforms and more. These are then modfied by the NNXT subtractive and / or the Europa wavetable synth.

The Combinators then add such things flanger, filter, distortion, and arpeggiations. 

200M / 179 samples
41 Basses
7 Bells
3 Drum and Perc
30 Leads, etc
23 Movement (includes ARPs)
5 Noises Etc
27 Pads Etc
14 Raw Waves (NNXT presets for easy loading)

About Demo> all the sounds in the demo are in the ReFill including the drums.

Price: $29.95 $24.95

Product Code: COLL11
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