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Welcome to Sounds And Effects

One week sale on Glitches and Zaps and Distressed Vinyl > 50% off of each. Kontakt or Reason.

News. The Pure Acoustic SE ReFill is being end of life-ed, and being replaced by the Full version at the same price. AND it will include the SE version in the package. Available soon. 

August 10th. There is now a special bundle of The Mandolin and the Ukulele at a special intro price less than either library alone. Individually each library is normally $59.95, but for a limited time the price of both together is $49.95. After the intro period it will become $99.95.

New Lower Prices on several libraries starting June 22nd.

Price Reductions on The Wizard II and The New World, each now only $49.95
Glitches and Zaps also reduced from $49.95 to $29.95

Newest Product. The Ukulele

Older news.

The Mandolin and Glitches and Zaps for Ableton Live are now out also.


Other news

The ODD Reason ReFill  is now out

A special bundle of Netherworld and Netherworld II is now available. <br/>
<a href=

Netherworld II with Violin Fright FX

Distressed Vinyl 


The Resonant Drop Reason ReFill 

Or for Native Instruments' Kontakt


Rude Synths Reason ReFill

Older news:

Ocarinas and Clay Flutes for Kontakt, Reason now released.
September The New World for Kontakt and now Reason has been updated to 1.2. This is a free upgrade for existing owners, and includes new Djembe samples, more Tibetan Bowl samples & more.
August: Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico for Kontakt, Reason, & EXS - 24 now released.
March: Hidden Objects Percussion: Reason ReFill, Logic Pro/EXS-24 & Kontakt is now here.

October: Netherworld for audio/wave, Kontakt, and Reason now released-- in Fright.

ReFill News: Pure Special Edition ReFill, The New World ReFill , The Wizard II, and the Electrified! ReFill are all downloadable now from this site.

June 5th: Pure Special Edition for Kontakt is released.

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