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Reason EDM Bundle

Reason EDM Bundle

Product Information
The Sounds And Effects EDM Bundle incudes samples, presets, and wavetables intended for any genre of electronic music producers at a very special price. It contains 407 megs/ 310 samples, 100 NNXT Presets and Combinators, 199 Presets 43 Wavetables for Europa, and 196 Presets for Objekt.

Glitches and Zaps

'Glitches & Zaps' provides you with an assortment of samples designed to accent almost any style of modern Electronic music, from Hip Hop through to Alt-Rock and beyond. Many styles can benefit from these glitches, zaps, buzzes, jolts and bit-reduced fragments.

This powerful sample library totals 407 MB and 310 samples, provided in WAV, Reason ReFill and Kontakt sampler patch formats. Presets include:

• Glitches
• Sci-Fi Glitches
• Buzzoid Zaptronic
• Rise & Glitch
• Resistance is Futile
• Choppy Male & Female Vocals
• Electrons Flowing
• Ting Slurp
• Video-game Lasers
• Volts
• Zappy Glitches

Most presets make use of the modulation wheel to control filter cutoff, or to crossfade to an alternate/modified version of the sound.

Product Specifications:

• 407 MB of content
• 310 Samples

EDM Textures for Europa Vol 1

Sounds And Effects EDM Textures For Europa V.1 takes Europa to another level. It adds 43 new wavetables, either culled from Sounds And Effects' vast library of samples, or some never heard / released before, and a whopping 199 new presets covering everything from grungy filth or distorted fuzz, to celestial avionics or warbling leads, from analog-esq to completely different.

The presets are set up for complex real time modulation from the mod wheel.

36 Basses - from clean to dirty wobbles
18 Bells and Key Bells
13 Dark Visions
25 Etherial
44 Leads, Keyboards, and Worms
15 Noises and Gruzz
7  Ripe Cheese -- only the cheesiest
24 Sequences, LFO, Patterns, S & H and weird 'clock' noises. Tempo Synced.
8  Transistions, Endings and Zaps
9  Voices and Formants

New wavetables which include Violin, Vintage Moogs, ARPs, and PPG synths, sample and hold, digital waveforms, sampled bell-tones, vinyl noises and more.

Brain Salad for Objekt

Presets for the advanced physical modelling synth

25 basses
38 Pads and Movement
19 Sequences and Sample and hold
6  Plucked
16 Brass and Wind
12 Noise and Gruzz
11 Keys

17 Leads and Worms

The demo contains only sounds from the three libraries (plus drums)

Price: $49.95

Product Code: REAI11
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