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Mandolin Uke Bundle Reason

Mandolin Uke Bundle Reason

Product Information

A special bundle price of The Mandolin and the Ukulele for Reason


With the release of 'The Mandolin from Sounds And Effects,' Sounds And Effects brings the same attention to detail, the audio fidelity and responsiveness of 'Pure Acoustic Guitars' to the mandolin.  The new instrument includes the following articulations:

Picked - four velocity layers
Fingerstyle -Two different styles, five velocity layers each, round robin switches between the two styles and between finger style and picked (round robin is for Kontakt only)
Muted notes -Soft and hard
Strums -two speeds, hard and soft, also low octave strums
Tremelo -three speeds
Fret noises and chops - in each preset and mapped below the mandolins low range

Presets allow for key switches from pretty much any articulation to another, for instance fingerstyle to picked notes, pick to pluck, mute to pick, picked to fast or slow strum, picked or fingerstyle to tremolo, and so on.


795 Samples

Version differences

44 NNXT presets
44 Combinators
1.06 gigs uncompressed / 433.5 megs packed
Reason 6 or higher

45 presets
1.06 gigs
Kontakt 5 or higher

Brand New Oct 2021,

The Ukulele Refill version has been created using the highest quality equipment at 24/48, and contains 1181 multi-velocity samples of two ukuleles, a picked tenor uke and a fingerstyle concerto ukulele.


Solo notes set up both in contiguous fashion, and so that each (keyboard) octave plays one of the four strings.
Up to 6 samples per note from very soft to chunks (thumb mutes)
Each Individual String played up to (at least) the 15the fret
Fret and incidental noises.


Maj <> Min <>  7th <> Maj 7 <> Min 7 <> Dim <> 9th <>  Aug

Chords are mapped from C to B, Down Up and Chunk


1.17 Gig / 429 M Compressed
1181 Samples
31 NNXT Presets
31 Combinator Presets

Price: $99.95

Product Code: MAND11
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