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Electrified! - Reason Refill

Electrified! - Reason Refill

Product Information

Now available right here as a download!

Vintage & modern electric guitar sample library for Reason NNXT. Most guitars were played either through a huge Marshall four speaker stack or an original 1965 Fender Deluxe Amp "Blackface" -- or both. Also some Mesa Boogie, and various DI. Electrified! makes extensive use of real time controls such as mod wheel to control real vibrato, or add distortion, or to crossfade between two similar sounds.

" Electrified! A library so extensive it even includes amp hiss! " -- from Gearwire

1.5 Gigabytes, 1791 samples.


* 1958 Gibson ES-175 Clean: A 1958 'archtop' hollowbody played through a 1965 Fender Deluxe Amp. Fret noises. Bridge and Neck pickups, Mutes and Vibrato : 23.4M

* 1958 Gibson ES-175 Dist: The hollowbody w/ a Marshall Stack. Clean and Dist. Bridge and Neck pickups : 36.2M

* 1967 Gibson ES-335 API 96K: Clean 1967 hollowbody via an API DI/preamp, every note sampled & has 4 velocity layers per/note plus a real MW to vibrato layer. 512M

* 1967 Gibson ES-335 API 44K: As above, but SR converted to 44.1K : 235M

* 1967 Gibson ES-335 Clean: Through a '65 Fender Deluxe Amp. Some Sans Amp DI. Hard/Soft, Mutes, Harmonics, Vibrato : 46.7M

* 1967 Gibson ES-335 Dist: Marshall Stack. Leads, Vibrato, Hammers Ons and Pull Offs, Open Strings, 5ths, Chunky 4ths : 118.8M

* 1969 Gibson Les Paul Dlx: '65 Deluxe/Rack processed. Clean and Dist leads. Mutes. 5ths. 1/2 Steps slides. Neck and Bridge pickups : 58.2M

* 1969 Gibson Les Paul Mrs: Marshall Stack. Distorted and clean. Mutes. Low sustaining 5ths. Low no loop 5ths. Neck and Bridge pickups : 46M

* 1971 Gretsch Roc Jet Dlx: Fender Deluxe. Clean and Dist. Neck and Bridge : 55.5M

* 1971 Gretsch Roc Jet Mrs: Dist and Mutes. Neck and Bridge : 58M

* 1973 Gibson 'SG': Mesa Boogie/rack processed. Vibrato. 5ths. Mutes : 29M

* American Standard Telecaster: DI and rack processed. Clean and Distorted. Soft/Hard. Picked and Plucked. Wa Was: Down. 'Wild' Was. Distorted Wa's. 1/2 step slides. Noises and Hums. Pickups: Neck, Center, Bridge : 97.2M

* Hagstrom 'Rat' Guitar: Marshall Stack/rack processed. Fuzztone to all out grunge--just plain old nasty! 5ths and noises : 26.6M

* Rickenbacher 12 String: '65 Fender Deluxe. Open Stings and positions. Up. Down. Harmonics. Neck and Bridge : 39.7M

* Roger Sadowsky Strat Bottle Slides: 1/2 Step. Up and Back. Straight(fingered) to Bottle Slide fades. Velocity Switches. Licks : 29.5M

* Roger Sadowsky Custom Strat Clean: '65 Fender Deluxe and DI rack processed. Mutes. Light Fuzz. Tremelo Bar effects. Wa Was Down. Wa Was Rising Wa 'Ambiences'. Pickups: Neck. Center/Neck. Center. Center/Bridge. Bridge : 67.2M

* Roger Sadowsky Custom Strat Dist: Marshall Stack/ rack processed. Velo switches and MW fades. Power 5ths. Clean Vibrato. Dist Vibrato. Sustaining loops and natural envelopes : 74.2M

* Strat Noizes and Endings: Hiss, Hum, scapes. End stingers, wa's : 9M

MP3 Demos:

SW Roadhouse
Electrified 1
QUP Electrified!

abbreviations used on Electrified!:
VS: Velocity Switch
VCF: Velocity Cross Fade
MW: modwheel crossfade
N: Neck pickup
CN: Center/Neck pickups
C: Center pickup
CB: Center/Bridge pickups
B: Bridge pickup
SA: Sans Amp
Dlx: 1965 Fender Deluxe ('Blackface') Amp
Mrs: Marshall Stack w/ 4 speaker cabinet

For Reason 4 or higher

Price: $59.95

Product Code: ELEV1
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