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The Resonant Drop Kontakt

The Resonant Drop Kontakt

Product Information

Not all science fiction envisions either the future or the vast depths of uncharted space as just a vast playground of wondrous beauty, while back home exists a near perfect earth based utopian society where all problems have been solved and all humanity now lives in harmony.


Instead, some sci-fi future visions of the future are darker, bleaker, and these visions of deep space likewise show that not all exploration might be just fun and games – a future might perhaps be more like that of Prometheus, Terminator, or Blade Runner, than of Star Trek- to use a cinematic metaphor.  While The Resonant Drop does contain some pretty and shimmering deep space ambiences, it is mostly intended for that more disconcerting, cyberpunk, perhaps even downright scary future-vision.


It contains over one gigabyte of pristine 24 bit samples. 


Blade Runner

Star Drive

Alien Voices

Price: $59.95

Product Code: THEJ4
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