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The New World ReFill DL v1.2

The New World ReFill DL v1.2

Product Information

Price reduction May 21 2023. Was 59.95, now 39.95.

The ultimate collection of hard to find ethnic percussion and instruments. Now available: version 1.2, which adds a new Djembe Hits bank, has more Tibetan Bowl Samples, and more creative Combinators (140 Combinators)


Accordion: In, Out, and In to Out velocity switched.

African Drums and Perc:
Calf Hide Drum, Lizard Skin Drum, High and Low Cup Gongs, Shekera shakers.

African Ivory Horn:
Ivory (elephant tusk) Horn from Monrovia, Liberia.

American Indian Drums and Perc:
Tom Drum hit and loops (Performance by David Beal), Cow Horn Rattles, Elm Bark Rattles, Yaqui metal Sistrum.

Appalachian Dulcimer:
Mountain (this is the hourglass shape) Dulcimer.

Asian Island Perc:
Tasha and Dhol from North India, Shark Calling coconut husk rattle from Papua New Guinea--this rattle was originally used on the water's surface for hunting sharks.

Cameroon Perc:
Clay frame drum, Buzzy cup gongs, husk shakers. Hits and BPM loops.

Chinese Cymbals:
Chung Ching Pa and Hsiao Ching Pa cymbals.

Chinese Sheng:
Mouth blown reed instrument.

Drums of India:
Ghatam (clay pot drum) , Khol, Madal, Mridangam, Pakhawaj, Tabla, and Banja.

Flamenco Guitar:
A 1904 Rodriguez (of Valencia) guitar. Picked, plucked, open strings, vibrato, small and large.

India Gobichan:
Single string Indian instrument-- struck and plucked, stretched up and down.

Greek Bouzouki:
Greek Bouzouki-- Small, Large, Tremelo, and Licks.

Hawaii Perc:
Ili Ili (two lava stones struck together) , Ipu Gourd drum, 2 Kae Keeke bamboo stamping tubes (hi and low) , Pu Il (cut bamboo) rattles, and rosewood Kalaaw Sticks.

Japan Drums and Perc:
Oke-Do and Okawa drums, Hyoshigi clappers (rose wood blocks) , Suzu bells (Shinto prayer bells)

Japan Taiko Drums:
Three Taiko Drums: No, Ko, and O.

Java Anklung:
Resonant shaken bamboo racks--up to six feet in height. Each note represents a different tuned bamboo rack--large (low range) to small (high).

Java Ketjer Cymbals:
Javanese Ketjer finger cymbals.

Kalimbas and M'Bira:
Two South American and one African (more buzzy) thumb pianos.

Korean Drums:
Chang Go, Koo Ku Mu, Pook, Samm Chu Li, and Tang Ku drums. Pan clappers, and Jabara cymbals.

Korean Gongs:
Chinj and Kwen Gwari gongs.

Middle East Daf and Darabuka:
Daf (mid east tamborine) shakes and hits, and Darabuka drum hits.

Norway Hardanger Fiddle:
Dragon's head fiddle. This old fiddle has 'sympathetic' (resonant) strings beneath the finger board for additional 'sympathetic' vibration. Licks.

One American Indian, one South American rainstick.

Sumatran Hasapi:
Horseheaded 'boat lute' this is a very unique hard to find stringed instrument.

Talking Drums:
African Talking drum hits and loops. Performances by David Beal.

Tibet Mediation Bowl:
200 year old 7 metal alloy meditation bowl from Tibet. Rubbed and struck with the palm.

Trinidad Steel Drums:
Low (called 'double second') and high (known as 'tenor') steel drums from Trinidad.

Udu Drums:
African clay pot drum hits and performances, by David Beal.

Wind Chimes:
Struck chimes, and wind blown chimes.

MP3 demos:

The New World Demo 1: The Old World

Africa Drum and Perc Demo

Asia Pac Drum and Perc Demo

Price: $39.95

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