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Asia/Island Perc for MPC

Asia/Island Perc for MPC

Product Information

Asia and Pacific Island download pack for MPC 500/1000/2500/4000

This download pack includes 155 samples Asian and Pacific Island drums and percussive instruments.


Hawaii Perc:
Ili Ili (two lava stones struck together) , Ipu Gourd drum, 2 large Kae Keeke bamboo stamping tubes --hi and low , Pu Il rattles and rosewood Kalaaw Sticks.

Japan Drums and Perc:
Oke-Do and Okawa drums, Hyoshigi clappers (wood blocks) , Suzu bells (Shinto prayer bells)

Japan Taiko (Tsaiko) Drums:
Three Taiko Drums: No, Ko and O.

Korean Drums and Perc:
Chang Go, Koo Ku Mu, Pook, Samm Chu Li, and Tang Ku drums. Pan clappers and Jabara cymbals.

Korean Gongs:
Chinj and Kwen Gwari gongs.

New Guinea Shark Calling Rattle:
From Papua New Guinea--this rattle of strung coconut husks was originally used on the water's surface for calling and hunting sharks.

Java Anklung:
Resonant shaken bamboo racks. Each note represents a different bamboo rack--from very large/ low to very small/ high.

Java Ketjer Cymbals:
Javanese finger cymbals.

Chinese Cymbals:
Chung Ching Pa and Hsiao Ching Pa cymbals--and both together.


Asia Pac Drum and Perc Demo


downloaded size: 33.1 Megabytes
155 samples
23 PGM files
Compatibility :
Akai MPC 500/1000/2500/4000

Price: $29.95

Product Code: ASID10
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