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Synths of the 70s for Emu X / Proteus X (download)

Synths of the 70s for Emu X / Proteus X (download)

Product Information

June 28 2022, Permanent Price Drop to $9.95.

Intended to be much more like a virtual sound module then a standard sample library, the intent of this library is not just to emulate the old vintage synth sounds, but instead to use them as source material to build totally new and exciting sounds using E-Mu Systems' Emulator X and Proteus X's advanced synthesis engine-- including the multipole or morphing filters, envelopes, synced and free running LFOs, integrated effects, and much more.

474 presets in all ! 400 M of 24/44K source samples.

• Analog source material from Mini Moog, ARP 2600, Moog Opus 3, ARP Odyssey, and Oberheim SEM module.

• Extensive use of Mod Wheel and Aftertouch for realtime control of LFOs, Filters and more.

• Raw white noise, ring modulator tweets, bleeps and blurps, trills, & sample and hold.

• Mono Mode and Portamento mode presets

• Analog Drum bank: each sound programmed individually on an ARP 2600.

• Also contains DSP'ized samples & presets--highly modified from the originals.

70s Synths Demo 1

70s Synths Demo 2

Price: $9.95

Product Code: SYNW9
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