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The New World- Kontakt download

The New World- Kontakt download

Product Information
Now at version 1.2 , The 1.2 update includes:

* all banks are monoliths
* now: requires 3.5 or higher
* Has many new presets
* New samples: Djembe hits, and two additional Tibetan Bowl samples.
The ultimate collection of hard to find ethnic percussion and instruments.


Accordion: In, Out, and In to Out velocity switched.

African Drums and Perc:
Calf Hide Drum, Lizard Skin Drum, High and Low Cup Gongs, Shekera shakers.

African Ivory Horn:
Ivory (elephant tusk) Horn from Monrovia, Liberia.

American Indian Drums and Perc:
Tom Drum hit and loops (Performance by David Beal), Cow Horn Rattles, Elm Bark Rattles, Yaqui metal Sistrum.

Appalachian Dulcimer:
Mountain (this is the hourglass shape) Dulcimer.

Asian Island Perc:
Tasha and Dhol from North India, Shark Calling coconut husk rattle from Papua New Guinea--this rattle was originally used on the water's surface for hunting sharks.

Cameroon Perc:
Clay frame drum, Buzzy cup gongs, husk shakers. Hits and BPM loops.

Chinese Cymbals:
Chung Ching Pa and Hsiao Ching Pa cymbals.

Chinese Sheng:
Mouth blown reed instrument.

Drums of India:
Ghatam (clay pot drum) , Khol, Madal, Mridangam, Pakhawaj, Tabla, and Banja.

Flamenco Guitar:
A 1904 Rodriguez (of Valencia) guitar. Picked, plucked, open strings, vibrato, small and large.

India Gobichan:
Single string Indian instrument-- struck and plucked, stretched up and down.

Greek Bouzouki:
Greek Bouzouki-- Small, Large, Tremelo, and Licks.

Hawaii Perc:
Ili Ili (two lava stones struck together) , Ipu Gourd drum, 2 Kae Keeke bamboo stamping tubes (hi and low) , Pu Il rattles and rosewood Kalaaw Sticks.

Japan Drums and Perc:
Oke-Do and Okawa drums, Hyoshigi clappers (rose wood blocks) , Suzu bells (Shinto prayer bells)

Japan Taiko Drums:
Three Taiko Drums: No, Ko, and O.

Java Anklung:
Resonant shaken bamboo racks--up to six feet in height. Each note represents a different tuned bamboo rack--large (low range) to small (high).

Java Ketjer Cymbals:
Javanese Ketjer finger cymbals.

Kalimbas and M'Bira:
Two South American and one African (more buzzy) thumb pianos.

Korean Drums:
Chang Go, Koo Ku Mu, Pook, Samm Chu Li, and Tang Ku drums. Pan clappers, and Jabara cymbals.

Korean Gongs:
Chinj and Kwen Gwari gongs.

Middle East Daf and Darabuka:
Daf (mid east tamborine) shakes and hits, and Darabuka drum hits.

Norway Hardanger Fiddle:
Dragon's head fiddle. This old fiddle has 'sympathetic' (resonant) strings beneath the finger board for additional 'sympathetic' vibration. Licks.

One American Indian, one South American rainstick.

Sumatran Hasapi:
Horseheaded 'boat lute' this is a very unique hard to find stringed instrument.

Talking Drums:
African Talking drum hits and loops. Performances by David Beal.

Tibet Mediation Bowl:
200 year old 7 metal alloy meditation bowl from Tibet. Rubbed and struck with the palm.

Trinidad Steel Drums:
Low (called 'double second') and high (known as 'tenor') steel drums from Trinidad.

Udu Drums:
African clay pot drum hits and performances, by David Beal.

Wind Chimes:
Struck chimes, and wind blown chimes.

MP3 demos:
The New World Demo 1: The Old World

Africa Drum and Perc Demo

The New World Demo 2: Caribesq

Asia Pac Drum and Perc Demo

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